Flying = one of the fastest growing sources of CO2-emissions

Responsible travel abroad helps to support local people and preserve many of the world's natural and cultural areas. In many developing countries, responsible travel is an important factor in reducing poverty. Ecospheres welcomes all the benefits of international travels, but also recognize that flying contributes to global warming. Global warming is a major threat to the things that the responsible traveler appreciates so much - local communities and natural environments worldwide.

Offsetting or reducing carbon dioxide reduction (CO2)

We encourage our passengers to generally reduce their CO2 footprint. To compensate, we believe distracts from the direct reason. Better, then, to reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible by not only flying less, but also do other lifestyle changes in our everyday life. 

Fly less tips:

1. Select the train instead of flying when you can! Especially if you are traveling in Europe. Ecospheres are continously working on developing more destinations within Europe that can be reached by train.

2. Wherever you are in the world, consider visiting the neighborhood where you live!

3. If you can, avoid flights within a destination, travel together by car or by public transport if possible.

4. If you fly, choose a direct flight and avoid too many stops that creates more emissions because takeoff and landing generates a large part of the total emissions per flight.

5. Make fewer trips and stay away longer - in doing so you can create more benefits for conservation projects and support to local people at the destination you are visiting.

When you fly - choose a trip that contributes!

Choose a responsible holiday that contributes to a positive change of destination - there are those camps and lodges which operates with a low CO2 footprint, which actively supports the local population and its development in terms of social and economic programs.