Ecospheres sustainable policy:


We aim at combining the wish-lists of discerning tourists with the needs of local communities world wide. We contribute to protecting biodiversity and cultural diversity for generations to come. We offer the traveler the ultimate experience staying in eco-luxury hotels, eating the best food, learning about culture and communities and most important leaving a positive footprint. Ecospheres engages in people and partners on the frontline. 

How do we choose our destinations:

Ecospheres offer responsible destinations all over the world and rate these through an internal rating system called eco-rating. A so called score card is send to the destination for self-assesment, this is then compared to Ecospheres internal assesment. Important to notice is is that all destinations work with different conditions, an sustainable destination in Kenya for example is operated very differently from a destination in Europe. We have therefor an open ended question under very category where the camp, lodge or hotel can add further information. Through self-assesment, organizations that accomplish the rating, can decide the lever within each category. Below you will find the different criteria for each category.

Economic responsibility, for example information about donations to non-profit organisations that employ local people and so forth.

Ecospheres has hand picked a number of destinations where we actively engage ourselves, as a part of our company's community responsibility. 

Ecospheres work in partnership with Basecamp Foundation a non-profit, non-commercial organisation that work to develop destinations in an innovative way. This they do by looking at tourism and community holisticly and challenge traditional concept of sustainability and business. 

Basecamp Foundations's goal is to help conservation of our nature and cultural heritage between human and nature, read more about this here: Basecamp Foundation

Please read about the different categories below and not the least, how you can engage yourself!

When you travel to many of Ecospheres's destinations, you can see, feel and experience the programs - through this, you get a better understanding of the benefit of the programs for the people and environment on the actual destination. All donations go straight to the receiving program through Ecospheres. You receive a receipt on the donation sum, a newsletter from the program you have chosen to support and newsletters from Ecospheres. If you would like to donate, we will give you information on how you can do this. Please email us on for more information on programs and donations. 

Conservation projects

Kenya /  Big Cat Project– local maasai survey the big cats in the Naboisho conservancy Masai Mara. 

By identifying, counting and treating the Big Cats, the population is secured, the risk of  young cubs dying is decreased. The project educates the local community and reduces the number of conflicts between the maasais and the cats.  

Your support:  250 USD equip and motivates a  Big Cat scout to survey lion, cheeta and leopard for one year!

Cultural projects

Kenya / Maasai Brand - Involves and guarantee an income for over 100 local maasai women in a fair trade project based on traditional jewellery and craft making. 
The women keep 75% of the cost of the product,  – 25 % is going to dministration, marketing and product development. The maasai women work in a workshop in Basecamp Masai Mara.

Your support:  KBuy beautiful jewellery and gives the maasai women an income. 
Indien / Basecamp Sunderrang– Support income in Rajasthan, India, inspired by Maasai Brand. 
Gives an income from producing traditional art work and jewellery. The women in the town of Chandelao are employed and creates jewellery, textiles and brodery in a wokr shop connected to Basecamp Rajasthan.

Yours support: Buy textiles and give the women in Rajasthan an income!

Educational projects

Kenya / educational scholarships to maasai girls – Financial support to local students in primary school.

The scholarship give the maasai girls an opportunity to complete primary school - increases the chances of letting them concentrate on studying and become more independent, which also reduces the risk of getting pregnant at a very young age. 
African saying: When you educate a girl – you educate a community.

Your support:  250 USD give one maasai girl, one year education in a boarding school, including school uniform, books, food and bed. We encourage longterm commitment to these donations, at least three years.
India / Scholarship to girls – Financial support to local students in primary school.

The scholarship give girls in Rajasthan a possibility to complete their primary school. If the financial support is there, the chances are that the parents ignore the rigid cultural traditions. 

Your support:  250 USD gives one Rajsthani girl, one year education in a boarding school including school uniform, books, food, bed and transport to school. We encourage long term donations, at least three years. 
India / Scholarship to boys and girls - Financial support to local students in primary school. 

The scholarship give tibetan girls and boys living in exile in Dharamsala, India, the possibility to complete university. This gives young people knowledge and understanding of human rights and improved possibilities to work. 

Your support: 1000 USD gives one tibetan girl or boy, one year university education including school uniform. We encourage long term donations, at least three years.
Kenya / Scholarship to Koyiaki Guiding school – Financial support to local students high quality education as professional safari guide in Koiyaki Guiding School - the only guiding school for maasai in Masai Mara.

This education gives the possibility to jobs in the tourism industry and give local youth the ownership to becoming the future care takers of Masai Mara.

Your support:  2500 USD gives one maasai boy or girl, one year education in Koyiaki Guiding school including books, bed, drivers licence and diploma from Kenya Professional Safari Guide organisation.


Kenya / Health / HIV AIDS – Health education for increased awareness within general health but with focus on HIV/AIDS, all in partnership with the local community in Masai Mara, Kenya. 

Help women and children to better health. Educated ambassdors to lead the so calle d“community outreach” program about health/ HIV-AIDS.

Your support: 100 USD educates one Health / HIV AIDS informant!